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Reversible Two-Sided Prize Wheel

Only offering a few prizes?

Use the side with 8 sections!

Have more prizes?

Use the side with 14 sections!


Product Features


Reversible wheel features 8 prize sections on one side and 14 prize sections on the reverse side.

Even Odds

Even number of prize sections on each side -- two of each color. 7 colors one side, 4 on the other side.

Dry Erase Writing

Dry erase surface for quick and easy editing.

High Quality

With its sturdy metal base, stand and pegs, its quality is unsurpassed.

Unique Functionality

Patent-pending on the world's only reversible play prize wheel.

No Tools Needed

Just follow the assembly video online, or follow the 3D model instructions.

 The reversible Round 'N Round Prize Wheel is 2 prize wheels in one!  





  • Play either side (reversible wheel) or both together. Both sides can be used simultaneously.


  • Super sturdy metal base, stand and pegs and 3 bearings for a great spin. Compare to others that are made of plastic, have glued-on pegs and fewer bearings.


  • Includes a black dry erase marker, eraser, clear assembly instructions, all you need to assemble and extra spare parts.

  • Clicking sound draws attention and excitement at trade shows, farmer’s markets, carnivals, fairs, fundraisers, meetings, schools, churches, and more.

  • Premium quality metal pegs and clickers prevent the wheel from spinning backwards at the end of a spin or from landing on the same prize.

  • Make it yours - center wheel which has the Round N Round logo is 140mm diameter, and be easily covered with your logo sticker.


Really nice wheel spinner! Very sturdy, easy to put together. Solid… Oh, and it’s nice that it has two sides with different wedge spaces.


I used this prize wheel spinner at my kid's birthday party and it was a big hit. Very well constructed with bearings and everything. Spins smoothly and holds up well.


This prize wheel is by far the best I’ve owned. It is sturdy in construction and versatile. I am very pleased with several design features not available on other prize wheels at this price point including reversibility, even number of equal colored pie sections on each side, and metal stand.

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