Round N Round Wheel of Fortune is the Ultimate Prize Spinning Wheel, Unlike any Others You’ll Find!

This Patent Pending Design Offering TWO SIDES which Provides Double the Fun, while Increasing Spectator Attention and Excitement!

What premium features and outstanding benefits make this spinning wheel the WINNER?

One side has 14 prize areas, while the second side has 8 – it's the only reversible wheel on the market!
Use both sides simultaneously, or quickly switch around to use the side of choice.
Even number of customizable colored prize slots, compared to others which have uneven color sections.
Heavy duty metal stand and base provide superior balance and stability, compared to others made of flimsy plastic.
3 bearings in center and front and back of the wheel, compared to others which only have 2 bearings.
Sturdy metal pegs, compared to others which use glued-on acrylic pegs which get loose.
Round N Round branded premium quality product, compared to other cheap, non-branded, copycat products.
Dry erase surface for quick and easy editing, with included dry erase black marker and eraser.
Package contents include spare parts and all that’s needed for super fast and simple assembly, no tools required.
Wheel is 17.75” diameter, stand is 22.5” tall and base is 15.5” wide.

When you want to draw the biggest crowd, and need to generate the most excitement at trade shows, promotional events, carnivals, meetings, holiday activities, parties and more, keep your eye on the prize with Round N Round!

Don’t Leave It Up to Chance! -- Add This Prize Wheel to Your Cart Now -- Before Your Luck Runs Out and It is Sold Out!

DOUBLE DOWN – Round N Round Prize Wheel is REVERSIBLE with 2 PRIZE WHEELS IN ONE! You will not find any other prize wheel that is TWO-SIDED like our Patent Pending design. One side has 14 prizes areas, and the other has 8. You can play either side or both of them together, as both sides have clickers on top that can be used simultaneously. Clicking sound draws attention and excitement at trade shows, farmer’s markets, carnivals, fairs, fundraisers, meetings, schools, churches, and more.
CALL IT EVEN – Unlike other fortune wheels, this one offers an EVEN NUMBER OF COLOR SECTIONS, will never spin backward at the end of a spin, and will not keep landing on the same prize, thanks to its premium quality metal pegs and clickers, which ensure it spins smoothly and fairly. Center bolt will not unscrew when spun. Center which has the Round N Round logo is 140mm diameter, and be easily covered with your company's logo sticker to make it your own.

EYE ON THE PRIZE – With its super sturdy metal base, stand and pegs, its quality is unsurpassed. Compare to others that are made of cheap plastic and have glued-on pegs that won’t stay. Our wheel has 3 bearings, which is a significant upgrade to others which only have 2. There’s a center enclosed bearing, and a bearing on the front and back of the wheel to make it spin better. The base has soft cushions on the bottom so it will not scratch tabletops or slide around when rotated.

THE ODDS ARE… -- in your favor when choosing this Prize Wheel! Package contents include all you need for easy assembly, as well as a black dry erase marker, eraser, and extra spare parts including 3 red clickers, pegs, and more. No tools required for putting it together, just follow the enclosed 3D model instructions. Water-based mark pens are preferred for acrylic boards for easier maintenance and cleaning. MEASUREMENTS: Wheel is 17.75” diameter, stand is 22.5” tall and base is 15.5” wide.
TAKE A CHANCE – You have nothing to lose when choosing this Round N Round Prize Wheel! You’ll only gain the best quality prize spinner and the ONLY one on the market that is reversible. We are so proud of its innovative and functional design and will defend against imitators through our Patent Pending status.

Round 'N Round 18" Prize Wheel Spinner w/Metal Stand – 2-Sided Spinning Wheel

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